Nurses Training

--Contact your Grande or Locale while supplies last.

To help with perspective note that it was in March of 1920 that sixteen members of American Legion Post 297 in Philadelphia envisioned the 40 & 8.  Our first Grande Promenade occurred in June and Joseph Breen was unanimously elected the first Chef de Chemin de Fer.  Monetary support for the well being of the people of the United States began in 1922 at Promenade Nationale with the establishment of a child welfare project.  In 1941 we began issuing Nurses Scholarships to deserving individuals willing to undergo formal training and make a career of that very noble profession.  In 1946 an acute shortage of nurses came to the attention of our Voyageurs and a Nurses Training Program was initiated at the Voiture Locale level.  In 1955 Voiture Nationale formally established our current Nurses Training Program.


The Nurses Training Program is primarily administered by Voiture Locales.  There are no fixed guidelines for either the number of scholarships or the dollar value of the scholarships awarded.  Many Locales have established their own guidelines specifying the quantity and value of each scholarship.  For some the program remains stable from year-to-year and for others the program varies with the success of fund-raising efforts.


Our Program is administered by a National Committee that is headed by a National Directeur assisted by a Treasurer and four Sous Directeurs.  They operate each year with two major objectives in mind: (1) fund raising through soliciting and receiving donations for the Nurses Training Pin  (2) consolidation of report data from all of our Grand Voitures.  In turn, each Grand has a Directeur Nurses Training that coordinates with each Voiture Locale within that Grande to promote pin distribution and donations, and to encourage every Locale to report the details of accomplishments of their program.  The Voiture Locale report form and the Grande Voiture report form are available on line at http://www.fortyandeight.org in our Petite Communique.  Every Voyageur is expected to support the Nurses Training Program through the contribution of time, talent, treasure, and/or prayers.  Our lives depend on it.


In many cases our scholarships are the critical difference that allows recipients to pursue their studies and go on to receive a nursing degree.  We have the satisfaction of knowing that La Société has done a great deal to curb the shortage of nurses in this country. Since our National Program's inception in 1955 La Société as of September 2014, has expended over $31,936,972 and assisted 52,276 nurses in obtaining their nursing degrees.  In 2014, $646,972 was donated with 754 nurses in training and 376 nurses graduating.  Nursing students interested in our help should contact a 40 & 8 Voiture Locale in their areahttp://www.fortyandeight.org/contact-us/.  The scholarships not only represent monetary support but also our emotional support and best wishes for success in their noble endeavor to serve us.  Knowledge of that helps sustain students during inevitable difficult periods in their curriculum.


 Exceptional efforts of both our Voyageurs and their respective Voiture Locales are what make this program such an outstanding success.  Spaghetti dinners, bingo, dances, baked goods sales, auctions, merchandise sales, raffles, and casino nights are just some examples of fund raising efforts that allow our Voitures to help students earn their nursing degree(s). 


Some Voitures have reached beyond their own financial means by applying to the Boland Nurses Training Trust Fund (established in 1975 with a startup grant of $100,000) for additional scholarship money.  The details of that program have been outlined separately and are available on our website athttp://www.fortyandeight.org/boland-trust-fund/.